This list commenced in August 2022

The Schmeckle Invasion

The Schmeckle Invasion is now in Beta Release. You can play here:

Easter Egg Hunt

There is a Zerpcraft Easter Egg Hunt on right now. Hunt for the hidden Sunflower.

2nd Aussie XRPL Meetup

The 2nd Australian XRPL Meetup will be in Sydney Australia. Stay tuned for further details.

StaykX Collaboration

Schmeckles stayking is available now on StaykX.com. 100000 Schmeckles over 90 days.

Marbles on Stream

We stream on Twitch and give away XRPL Tokens. Follow us so you don’t miss out.

Discord Trivia/Games

We regularly play games and trivia on Discord. Join us to be part of the community.

Upcoming Collabs

More collabs coming soon. Ensure you are following us on Twitter and turn on notifications.

XRLunaNFT Collab

New NFT collaboration with the team from XRLunaNFT. Check them out here:

Urban Monks Collab

New NFT collaboration with the team from Urban Monks Studio. Check them out here:

Weapons Art Competition

The fifth Schmeckles art Competition is live in collab with XScapeNFT. Check it out:

New Ambassador

DJ Culture of Culture NFT joins the Schmeckles team as an Ambassador:

Arcade X Collab

Schmeckles teams up with Arcade X for a collaboration. Details here:


Art Competitions

There have been four Schmeckles Art Competitions to date. Check them out here:

Aussie Ripple Meetup

We presented at the first Australian Ripple Meetup held in Brisbane. Watch it here:

2D Game Competition

The 2D Game Competition was held in Q1 2022. You can now play it for free. Play here:

XLemi Song

Our friend XLemi (@XRPLemi) recorded a Schmeckles song just for us. Listen to it here:

CryptoRed3ye Song

Our friend CryptoRed3ye
(@CryptoRed3ye) recorded a Schmeckles song just for us. Listen to it here:

XOGE Moon Wars

This fun game features Schmeckles as one of the strongest races, a Spaceship and Shield. Play it here:

2 Cold Space Call

We spoke about Schmeckles and the XRPL in 2 Cold’s Cross Chain Space Call. Listen back here:


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