Schmeckles is a cryptocurrency on the XRP Ledger for Rick and Morty fans. Schmeckles has under 1 million tokens with a diminishing supply. Join the Schmeckles community for Rick and Morty Trivia, Art Competitions, Games, NFTs, music and streaming on Twitch.

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Know what you hold

Here are some of the great features of Schmeckles tokens and the Schmeckles Project, with much more to come.


The Schmeckles issuing account has been Blackholed. This means no more Schmeckles Tokens can ever be created.

Low Fees

Schmeckles, XRP and most tokens on the XRPL have super low transaction fees (generally less than one cent).

Fast Transactions

Schmeckles, XRP and all tokens on the XRPL have super fast transaction speeds of 3 to 5 seconds.


XRP and XRPL tokens are more sustainable than any other currency available today.

Airdrops (Complete)

50% of all Schmeckles tokens were distributed to the community via Airdrops in 2021/2022.


25% of Schmeckles tokens are being given away to the community through stayking, competitions, etc.


The Schmeckles Project supports artists through Art Competitions and NFT Collaborations.

Diminishing Supply

1 Million Schmeckles were originally created. However, the supply is diminishing through token burn initiatives.


The Schmeckles Project will continue to bring Free to Play games to the community.


Our merch includes tees, hoodies, singlets, aprons, mouse pads, mugs, phone cases, pins, stickers and even Schmeckles medallions and keyrings.

Audited Project

The Schmeckles Project has passed a voluntary audit conducted by XRPL Assurance Services. Learn more by visiting @xrplaudits

Stayking (Soft Staking)

The Schmeckles Project is available on the StaykX platform for soft staking (stayking). Receive daily drops over 3 months commencing on Friday, 05 August 2022.

Price of XRP in USD

Currency $ Price 24h % Change T. Supply Market cap. C. Supply
XRP $ 0.50 0.00213111 100B 25.2B 49.8B

Price of Schmeckles in USD

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