Schmeckles is a cryptocurrency project on the XRP Ledger for Rick and Morty fans. The Schmeckles token was launched in November 2021 with 1 million tokens. These tokens are blackholed, deflationary and are subject to:

  • Market buys and burns from Reaping Events every 2 weeks
  • Market buys and burns from 5% of secondary NFT sales on 4x Collections
  • Market buys and burns from NFT Auctions
  • Burns due to DEX Sales into the Pillars Project floor price
  • Project Supply Reductions (Project Supply to remain at 1000 or less)

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Schmeckles x Urban Monks Studio NFT #6

Our Mission

Our mission is to remind the world that life is to be lived. That while being serious is essential at times, it is not essential all the time. That it is critical to let go once in a while and get in touch with our childish-self. To give ourselves permission to have fun and be silly. To watch cartoons and play games. To embrace art and drift away to music. To connect with likeminded people and maybe even learn something new.

We are dedicated to delivering this message under the banner of a project that operates with professionalism, integrity and transparency, through means such as community games, collaborative initiatives and our very own token, NFTs (as pictured), games, merchandise and live streams.

We advocate for mental wellness and happiness and strive to ensure we provide a safe and enjoyable space for our community to enjoy their time, to connect with one another and to celebrate one of the best franchises known to man and alien alike, Rick and Morty.

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Schmeckles holders come from all over the globe and from all walks of life. Join us on the following socials:

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Know what you hold

Here are some of the great features of Schmeckles tokens and the Schmeckles Project, with much more to come.


The Schmeckles issuing account has been Blackholed. This means no more Schmeckles Tokens can ever be created.

Low Fees

Schmeckles, XRP and most tokens on the XRPL have super low transaction fees (generally less than one cent).

Fast Transactions

Schmeckles, XRP and all tokens on the XRPL have super fast transaction speeds of 3 to 5 seconds.


XRP and XRPL tokens are more sustainable than any other currency available today.

Airdrops (Complete)

50% of all Schmeckles tokens were distributed to the community via Airdrops in 2021/2022.


25% of Schmeckles tokens were given away to the community through stayking, competitions, etc. Current giveaways are rare but still available.


The Schmeckles Project supports artists through Art Competitions and NFT Collaborations.

Diminishing Supply

1 Million Schmeckles were originally created. However, the supply is diminishing through token burn initiatives.


The Schmeckles Project will continue to bring Free to Play games to the community. Schmeckles is also a member of the XRPL Gaming Alliance.


Our merch is supplied by our friends at XRPL Merch. Contact the Project to enquire about custom merch items.

Audited Project

The Schmeckles Project has passed a voluntary audit conducted by XRPL Assurance Services. Learn more by visiting @xrplaudits

BLOC Founding Member

The Schmeckles Project is a founding member of the Blockchain Leadership Oversight Council (BLOC) as well as an ongoing boardmember.

Price of XRP in USD

Currency $ Price 24h % Change T. Supply Market cap. C. Supply
XRP $ 0.48 0.00406569 100B 27B 55.5B

Price of Schmeckles in USD

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