The Schmeckle Invasion (Beta)


  • Mouse:
    • Point and Click for the easiest game play
  • Keyboard:
    • Navigation = Arrow keys (up, down, left, right)
    • Action button = Enter button or Space bar
    • Menu = ESC button
  • Fullscreen:
    • Fullscreen Toggle = F4
    • Stretch Screen Toggle = F3


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Simply get in contact with the team in the below form or via Twitter, Discord, or any of our social platforms.

The base costs are as follows:

  • Questlines: Dependant on complexity. For example, if using existing NPCs (or a purchased NPC) this will be considered content creation and is free of charge.

  • NPCs (including dialogue or single quest): 250 Schmeckles

  • Town Heralds (Projects Only – limited to the number of towns available): 500 Schmeckles

  • NFT Building featuring Unlimited NFTs (does not include NPCs): 750 Schmeckles

  • Playable Character/Hero (including character design and class selection): 1000 Schmeckles

  • Towns (including up to 5 NPCs): 2000 Schmeckles

  • NFTs of in-game content (once minting is allowed via OnXRP): 250 Schmeckles

Please note: these prices are just an indication of the cost. Prices may be increased depending on the complexity of the request.

All Schmeckles raised through ‘The Schmeckle Invasion’ will be burned by the Schmeckles Project to further diminish our already small supply.

Simply get in contact with the team in the below form or via Twitter, Discord, or any of our social platforms.

The top row of keys on an Apple keyboard are called function keys. Function keys can be used to perform keyboard shortcuts or to control system features, as indicated by an icon on the key. For example, you can use F11 as a keyboard shortcut to show the desktop or to decrease your computer’s volume.

By default, keyboard function keys are set up to control system features. To use the function keys for keyboard shortcuts, you must also press and hold the Fn key or the Globe key  (depending on your Mac model or if you’re using a Magic Keyboard). For example, to show the desktop you must press Fn-F11 or the Globe key-F11.

First step: Clear your browser cache. If you do not know how to do this, please ask Google or contact the Schmeckles team for support.

Second step: If clearing your browser cache does not resolve the issue, disable any ad-blockers or cache minimising plugins.

Third step: If the above two steps do not resolve the issue, try using a different browser.

Fourth step: If you are still having issues, please contact the Schmeckles team with a detailed breakdown of the error as well as what steps you have taken so far.

You can get in contact with the team in the below form or via Twitter, Discord, or any of our social platforms.

No, that’s just the dance of the Spirit people. Talk to him, he will tell you!

All achievements have now been rewarded. There will be more achievements in the final release.

  1. Find the secret Xoge NPC (10 XRP).
    WINNER = @huskrteers

  2. Get slapped by 2 Cold (10 XRP).
    WINNER = @Jessrick24

  3. Find the monk NPC that says “Wubba lubba dub dub” (10 XRP).
    WINNER = @Jkcir18

  4. Deliver the mega seed to the Cave Spirit (10 XRP).
    WINNER = @Itsmayanne

  5. Complete Treasury Academy Level 1 (10 XRP).
    WINNER = @TagumMark

  6. Receive the Morning Star Weapon (25 XRP).
    WINNER = @kholokoy

  7. Receive the Crossbow Weapon (25 XRP).
    WINNER = @masternavi619

  8. Defeat the evil chests (25 XRP).
    WINNER = @ethToThemoon

  9. Work with Prof. Louis to discover portal technology (25 XRP).
    WINNER = @JasperMaeIgnac1

  10. Reach player level 20 (50 XRP).
    WINNER = @wakasa_imaushi4

  11. Accumulate 10000 Schmeckles (50 XRP).
    WINNER = @Markeey_25

Get in contact with us. Submit your achievements or errors in this form.

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