One of Ones

The ‘One of Ones’ is an upcoming NFT Collection for the Schmeckles project that will be:

  • Designed by the Urban Monks Studio
  • Exclusively sold via weekly auctions
  • Supporting the Schmeckles token via:
    • 100% of initial sales going towards market buys and burns
    • 5% of secondary sales going towards market buys and burns
  • Featuring the recognisable Schmeckles characters
  • Inclusive of the Communities ideas via DAO votes
  • Released in batches of 6 NFTs

The first batch of 6x One of One NFTs are under construction with the following designs:

  • Schrick and Schmorty
  • Schmario and Scluigi
  • Schpiderman
  • Super Schaiyan
  • Schants in Eyes
  • Schmutant

To kick off the collection, the first 6 NFTs will also come with a Physical Deck of SCHMECKLES VS YOU! Cards + postage and handling.

Ideas for Batch 2 are open to a vote now via the Community Vote page. Please continue to submit your ideas in the following form for Batch 3 and beyond.

Ideas submitted in the above form (if you don’t see your idea reach out to the Schmeckles project to update):

  • The Schmeckles (The Simpsons)
  • Zen Schmeckle
  • Polynesian Schmeckle
  • Sultan Schmeckle
  • Pepe Schmeckle
  • Mad Hater Schmeckle
  • White Rabbit Schmeckle
  • Baby Schmeckle
  • Cowboy Schmeckle
  • Filipino Schmeckle
  • Australian Schmeckle
  • Biker Schmeckle
  • Poke-Schmeckle (Pokemon)
  • Cromulon Schmeckle
  • Ape Schmeckle
  • Skeleton Schmeckle
  • Zombie Schmeckle
  • Knight Schmeckle
  • Dragonrider Schmeckle
  • Mega-Schmeckle (Megaman)
  • Demon Slayer Schmeckle (Anime style)
  • Ninja Schmeckle
  • Mad Scientist Schmeckle
  • Spartan Schmeckle
  • Disco Club Schmeckle
  • Book Worm Schmeckle
  • Planet Schmeckle
  • Dwarf Schmeckle (LoTR/WoW)
  • Orc Schmeckle (LoTR/WoW)
  • Tauren Schmeckle (WoW)
  • Link Schmeckle (Zelda)
  • Reaper Schmeckle (The Reaper)
  • Noah Schmeckle (ARK)
  • Gold Miner Schmeckle (Ascension)
  • Stone Mason Schmeckle (Pillars)
  • Genghis Khan Schmeckle
  • Napoleon Schmeckle
  • Caesar Schmeckle
  • Marcus Aurelius Schmeckle
  • Ragnar Lothbrok Schmeckle
  • Ned Kelly Schmeckle
  • Schmeckle in a Shillverse Fighter Ship (Collab)
  • David Schwartz Schmeckle
  • Xoge Schmeckle (Collab)

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