XRPL Launch Date = 27 November 2021
Token/Ticker = Schmeckles
Blockchain = XRP Ledger
Total Issued Supply = 1,000,000 Schmeckles
Current Supply (As at 20 September 2023) = 734,360.08321092 Schmeckles
Transaction Time = 3 seconds or less
Transaction Costs = Extremely low (a fraction of a cent)

25% of the total supply was circulated in Airdrop 1.0 to all existing Trust Lines (COMPLETE)
25% of the total supply was circulated in Airdrop 2.0 to all wallets holding 10 or more Schmeckles (COMPLETE)
25% of the total supply was given away on Twitter, Discord and via the StaykX Platform (COMPLETE)
25% of the total supply will be retained for marketing, development, community projects and exchanges (100k remaining after a significant amount was burned in May 2023). Noting some of this fund was utilised for Schmeckles stayking on the StaykX Platform as well as listing Schmeckles on the SWFT exchange.

Our Project:

Schmeckles is a fan-token/meme-token on the XRP Ledger for Rick and Morty fans. There will only ever be 1,000,000 Schmeckles (or less) in circulation. This is due to the original account being blackholed.

But what does that mean?

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is a decentralized, public blockchain led by a global developer community. It’s fast, energy efficient, and reliable. With ease of development, low transaction costs, and a knowledgeable community, it provides developers with a strong open-source foundation for executing on the most demanding projects—without hurting the environment. The XRPL hosts a large community of token projects who have identified the vast benefits of the blockchain technology, particularly when compared to the other options such as ERC20 (Ethereum Request for Comment 20) and BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

One of the standout differences is an issue called “gas fees”. Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions. For example, gas fees can be in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the Ethereum blockchain. The XRPL avoids these high gas fees due to their superior and more efficient technology. In most cases, fees on the XRPL are less than a cent.

Tokens launched on the XRPL have the opportunity to blackhole the issuing account (the token creation account). This means that no further tokens can be issued. Schmeckles chose to cap the number of tokens at 1,000,000 meaning no more Schmeckles can ever be created. However, tokens can be burned (destroyed) to diminish this supply.

Schmeckles exists to 8 decimal places (i.e. 0.00000000) allowing for future growth opportunities.

Schmeckles is a self-funded project by the community for the community. The decision was made to not accept or provide any Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in order to protect early adopters and build organic growth. While this made the early stages of the project difficult, our supporters have allowed us to successfully gain traction within the XRPL community.

Schmeckles is currently listed on the SWFT Blockchain ( and can be swapped with over 300 other cryptocurrencies like XRP, BTC, ETH, XLM and many more.

At our core the Schmeckles Project is a Rick and Morty fan-token. We provide an opportunity for Rick and Morty fans to own a represention of the currency within the series. But beyond this, Schmeckles provides a place for community members to discuss Rick and Morty, learn about the XRPL and Blockchain technology, play games, connect with like-minded people in a safe space and most importantly enjoy their time.

The Schmeckles Project is proud to note we have secured the rights through official avenues for our original logo which is a representation of the currency within Rick and Morty Episode 05 Season 01 (“Meeseeks and Destroy”). This is a badge of honour we wear with pride. We also provide project updates to the Rick and Morty/Adult Swim teams who we endeavour to work with in the future.

What’s to come?:

Diminishing Supply

The Schmeckles token has a diminishing supply through multiple initiatives that are explored below. The supply milestones reached to date are as follows:

  • 27 November 2021 – Token Launched
  • 11 September 2022 – 5% of initial supply burned
  • 05 December 2022 – 10% of initial supply burned
  • 23 April 2023 – 15% of initial supply burned
  • 25 May 2023 – 20% of initial supply burned
  • 02 July 2023 – 25% of initial supply burned
  • Estimated as 2024 – 30% of initial supply burned
  • ? – 35% of initial supply burned
  • ? – 40% of initial supply burned
  • ? – 45% of initial supply burned
  • ? – 50% of initial supply burned

Weekly Twitch Streams

Every Tuesday at 11am (AEST) the Schmeckles project streams on Twitch playing games like Marbles on Stream, Rick and Morty Trivia and pick the number. We give away XRPL tokens and the stream doubles as a Q&A for the community. Come along and join the fun. Make sure you don’t miss out by following us here.

As a thank you to those that subscribe, all Schmeckles and XRP prizes will be multiplied by 1.5.

Art Competitions

The Schmeckles Project regularly runs Art Competitions. Each competition is individual and provides the community with the opportunity to get creative and tap into their artistic skills. They also give the Schmeckles Project an opportunity to celebrate our talented community. Eight Art Competitions have been successfully run to date with the Ninth Art Competition coming soon.

  • The 7th Schmeckles Art Competition is now closed.
  • The 8th Schmeckles Art Competition is now closed.
  • The 9th Schmeckles Art Competition will be launched in 2023.
  • The 10th Schmeckles Art Competition will be launched in 2024.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Schmeckles has, and will continue to, mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the XRPL.

All Art Competition winners to date have had their artworks minted via NFTMaster. These artworks are provided back to the artists and include 0% royalties. Artists can choose to keep their artworks or sell them on the secondary market.

Schmeckles has collaborated with a number of projects on NFTs that can be found in the main menu on the top of the page under “NFTs”. While at the time of collaboration the projects were good actors on the XRPL, we are unable to provide any guarantees of their ongoing performance, activity and behaviour. We encourage you to do your own research on these projects before considering a purchase.

Schmeckles has minted and sold ten NFTs via OnChainMarketplace in Nov/Dec 2022. All ten NFTs are one of ones, meaning there are no duplicates. They were all created by the Urban Monks Studio who were paid upfront for their work, meaning the Schmeckles project officially owns the rights to these artworks. All ten NFTs are staykable via StaykX and will carry a 25% royalty that will go into an XRP pool for stayking rewards. This method will provide funds to the stayking pool into the unforeseeable future. We note there will be a point where secondary sales will be required to refill the stayking pool. Furthermore, every original NFT purchaser (of the ten NFTs) received a physical representation of their NFT mailed to them (included within the purchase price). We note this physical representation was only available to the original purchaser, but owners of these NFTs from the secondary market can purchase a physical representation via NFTMaster. Each of the ten NFTs were listed for 500 XRP. The break up of funds received from these is as follows:

  • 25% = Royalty to be added to the stayking pool
  • 25% = Used to purchase and burn Schmeckles tokens
  • 50% = Used to purchase the physical representation with the remainder retained by the project


SCHMECKLES VS YOU! is a collection of 520 NFTs designed by Urban Monks Studio and brought to you by Schmeckles. Each NFT features outrageous artwork and is a digital representation of the card game of the same name. The 520 cards are made up of 10 decks of 4 rarities; 4 Common decks, 3 Rare decks, 2 Epic decks and 1 Artefact deck. Each deck consists of 52 cards and features one Legendary card. These digital collectibles feature a 5% royalty that goes towards buying and burning Schmeckles tokens.

SCHMECKLES VS YOU! went live on 28 February 2023.

NFTs are available to purchase for 55 XRP each via a randomiser on

The card game will be available for a flat fee of 250 Schmeckles (incl. postage). Please note that some countries will require you to pay a customs fee to receive an international parcel. Orders can be placed now via the following link SCHMECKLES VS YOU!

The lucky 10 people that mint a Legendary NFT will receive a physical deck of the SCHMECKLES VS YOU! card game posted to them free of charge. Please note that some countries will require you to pay a customs fee to receive an international parcel.

Those that have been White Listed will receive 10 XRP back on their first purchase of a SCHMECKLES VS YOU! NFT. The White Listed wallet accounts and the Return Form to receive 10 XRP back can be seen here 520 NFT Collection White List

All NFT holders will receive 10% off their purchases of the SCHMECKLES VS YOU! Card Game for every NFT they hold (i.e. 10 NFTs = free deck). To order now head to the following link SCHMECKLES VS YOU!

Of the funds received from sales of NFTs and Physical Decks:

  • A royalty of 5% will be used to buy and burn Schmeckles.
    • This royalty is on both initial and secondary sales.
  • The majority of funds will be retained by the project to:
    • Pay for the artwork
    • Pay for the manufacturing and shipping of the physical product
    • Pay for other project costs
  • All Schmeckles will be burned

The Schmeckle Invasion and Games

‘The Schmeckle Invasion’ (Beta Release) is a project made role playing game that is reminiscent of games such as Zelda and Pokémon. The game celebrates gaming, silliness, music and art while challenging players to complete quests and battle monsters.

The Beta release was made public on 16 July 2022. This game can be played right now here. The Beta version was released as a testament to the potential of a final release.

While the Beta release was well received, it was expensive and time consuming with a lack of benefit to Schmeckles holders. We have therefore put the final release on hold to focus on supporting our holders.

The Schmeckles Project has also created a number of other short and fun games for the community to play. These can be found by navigating to “Games” in the main menu.


The Schmeckles Project has an ongoing relationship with JTXRP who interviews us for his Youtube channel. Stay tuned for more interviews. All existing interviews can be found on the MEDIA+ page.

Treasury Academy

The Schmeckles Project contributes lessons to the Treasury Academy by Treasury. The Treasury Academy is an online learning platform designed to help better the space by empowering potential investors. It has a learn to earn initiative that means you can earn XRPL tokens by successfully completing a lesson.

To date, the following two lessons have been created with more expected in the future.

  • Meme Coins and Fan Coins (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)
  • Mental Health and Community

Blockchain Leadership Oversight Council (BLOC)

The Schmeckles Project is proud to be a founding member and board member of the Blockchain Leadership Oversight Council (BLOC) and to have our Project Lead @JamesRayXRP sit on the board as the Ethical Officer. Many hours have been spent behind the scenes working with some of the best minds in the XRPL and beyond. Here is a quick introduction to BLOC taken from their website:

“The BLOC will unite Blockchains in best practices creating a safer space for consumers. The BLOC serves every blockchain community by highlighting and collaborating with projects that adhere to the BLOC Constitution, Values, and Standards.

The Mission of the Blockchain Leadership Oversight Council is to provide a voluntary and independent framework of the best practices for actively managed Blockchain companies to aspire to.”

XRPL Gaming Alliance

The Schmeckles Project is also proud to be a member of the XRPL Gaming Alliance. Numerous meetings have been attended alongside amazing minds advocating, thinking forward and building towards integration of the XRPL in everyday gaming. Here is a quick introduction to the XRPL Gaming Alliance taken from their website:

“The XRPL Gaming Alliance is a member-driven alliance founded and governed by established XRPL projects.

We advocate for blockchain-enhanced gaming and support the expression and growth of gaming-related projects on the XRP Ledger.”

Mental Health Resources

To date, the Schmeckles Project has created two Mental Health Resource Pages that can be found on the main menu under “MH”. These two pages are for Australia and the Philippines but includes links to information that is beneficial to everyone around the globe. If you are interested in working with the Schmeckles project in developing a resource page for your country, please get in contact with the team.

The Gryll

The Schmeckles Project was the first third party project to participate in the StaykX Gryll initative. 5,500 Schmeckles tokens were sent to a burn pool by the community who were rewarded with 550,000 STX (StaykX tokens) over 14 days. At the conclusion of the STX distribution, the 5,500 Schmeckles were burned. The Schmeckles Project may look to conduct another Gryll initiative in the future.


Schmeckles merchandise is now only available through our friends at XRPL Merch. There is a link in the Menu Bar to take you directly to the Schmeckles page on their website.

We are also working with The TI Project to have Titanium Schmeckles coins and keyrings listed directly on their website at a cheaper price than previously offered. This is able to be done due to upgraded equipment recently purchased. We look forward to announcing this to the community.

Passive Incentive – The Reaper Token and the diminishing Schmeckles Supply

As an added incentive to Schmeckles holders, the project has acquired tokens from The Reaper Project (you can learn more about The Reaper here: This purchase provides advantages to Schmeckles holders in the following ways:

The Reaper Project offers regular “Drips” of XRP to Reaper holders. All XRP received through “Drips” will be put up to a Community Vote using Blockchain Voting. This will give the Schmeckles community the opportunity to decide how the XRP drip is used.

The Schmeckles Project is hard-listed on the approved Reaper Project list and will therefore be voted on every 2 weeks. Project votes are used by the Reaper to carry out a market purchase of tokens and then burn them. The Reaper Tokens held by Schmeckles gives us a minimum of 105000 votes when nominated. This does not include the Dev wallet (i.e. total over 207000 votes).

To summarise the advantages, The Reaper provides the opportunity for Schmeckles to be purchased at market value (allowing Sell Orders of Schmeckles to be fulfilled), it diminishes the overall Schmeckles supply (by burning the tokens purchased) and it also provides the Schmeckles project with XRP (which is put to a Community Vote to decide how it is used).

Further to the above, the Reaper Project launched the Ascension token (ASC) in November 2022. This initiative compliments the Reaping by utilising votes to create an additional purchase of Schmeckles tokens and distribute them to ASC token holders.


Details about the Schmeckles team can be found here.


Details about past and upcoming Schmeckles events can be found here.


Details about Schmeckles media releases can be found here.


The Schmeckles Team stress the following points:

  • All cryptocurrency investments are at the buyers risk. We encourage all investors to do their own research in all investments they make, but particularly in cryptocurrency.
  • Purchasing and holding Schmeckles does not guarantee an increase in value.
  • Schmeckles tokens exist on the XRP Ledger. This means we get to benefit from the superior technology as mentioned above, however, it also means we are subject to the potential faults of the Ledger itself. In 2021, the XRP Ledger experienced a short period of latency issues and increased transaction fees. While this is unlikely to occur again, it is important for investors to understand that Schmeckles is dependent on the XRP Ledger.
  • It is recommended that individuals wanting to invest in Schmeckles first understand Ripple, XRP, the XRP Ledger and blockchain technology.
  • Nothing mentioned within our whitepaper, website, social media interactions, live streams, voice calls, etc. is to be considered financial advice.
  • Investing into Schmeckles tokens and blockchain technology includes various risks. Some are mentioned above but this is only a limited list. Some further examples of investment risks include:
    • A natural disaster impacting the XRP Ledger (for example, by taking nodes offline).
    • New or developing Government regulations.
    • Market volatility.
    • Force Majeure events (for example, a team member falling ill or passing)

The Schmeckles Team endeavours to protect our community, however, we do not hold any responsibility for the financial decisions made by any individual, group, business, etc. All purchases of Schmeckles tokens are at the buyers risk.

Our final piece of advice to all cryptocurrency investors:

  • Do your own research
  • Take your cryptocurrency offline and onto a Hardware Wallet/Ledger Device (i.e. Nano Ledger)
  • Watch Rick and Morty

Contact Details:

Schmeckles is an Australian Company located in the state of New South Wales in the suburb of Bulli (2516)

Registered Name: Schmeckles Pty Ltd
ACN: 660 537 413

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