Schmeckles Community Voting

This is a Blockchain voting system on the XRP Ledger that requires you to hold Schmeckles to vote.
1 Schmeckle = 1 vote

Voting Instructions

1. Select your preferred answer

2. Await the XAMAN Transaction

3. Sign the the XAMAN Transaction

4. Allow 5 minutes for results to be shown.

The Schmeckles Token Backing holds 11.943 Trillion SNAX (SNX). Oscar the Maker has offered the project 1275 XRP to purchase 5 Trillion of them to use as rewards on the platform.

All XRP that is raised from this sale will be used to market buy and burn Schmeckles in line with Page 4 of the Schmeckles WhitePaper.

Should we accept Oscar’s offer?

This vote has now ended.


Votes for Yes = 70.25%

Votes for No = 29.75%

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