SCHMECKLES VS YOU! is a new NFT Collection and physical product from the Schmeckles Project in collaboration with the Urban Monks Studio. This collection is made up of 520 NFTs as follows:

  • 52 individual cards/NFTs (i.e. 1 deck)
  • 10 decks of various rarities make up the collection
    • 4 decks are Common Rarity (i.e. 208 NFTs)
    • 3 decks are Rare Rarity (i.e. 156 NFTs)
    • 2 decks are Epic Rarity (i.e. 104 NFTs)
    • 1 deck are Artefact Rarity (i.e. 52 NFTs)
  • Each deck contains 1 Legendary NFT (i.e. 10 total) which are the most desired NFTs in the collection
    • Each Legendary NFT gives the owner 1x free deck of SCHMECKLES VS YOU! that will be mailed to you to play with your family and friends (limited to one deck per Legendary NFT)
    • We request holders of Legendary NFTs that wish to claim a physical deck complete the Pre-Order form and note they hold a Legendary NFT
  • The colours of the cards alternate between the visible spectrums of light (i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet)

Each NFT is available to purchase for 55 XRP each via a randomiser system as follows:

  1. Login to
  2. Sign randomiser transaction (i.e. 1st transaction)
  3. Sign to receive NFT (i.e. 2nd transaction)

In addition to the above, there is a 5% royalty on secondary sales and a 25% royalty on initial sales. All royalties will be used to support the Schmeckles token by market buying and burning Schmeckles.

Deck Orders

SCHMECKLES VS YOU! decks (i.e. physical card decks) can be ordered directly from the team.

Get in contact with us via Twitter/X, Discord or otherwise and we will assist you.

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