Test of The Schmeckle Invasion BETA


  • Mouse:
    • Point and Click for the easiest game play
  • Keyboard:
    • Navigation = Arrow keys (up, down, left, right)
    • Action button = Enter button or Space bar
    • Menu = ESC button
  • Fullscreen:
    • Fullscreen Toggle = F4
    • Stretch Screen Toggle = F3
Please note. We have added the following updates that may impact your saved game:
  1. Renamed XRPL City to Treasury City
  2. Renamed XRPL Tower to Academy Tower
  3. Created Level 1 of Academy Tower
  4. Created NFT City
  5. Introduced new song to NFT City
  6. Created Schmeckles NFT Temple (inside NFT City)
  7. Included Schmeckles NFTs (including collabs) into the Schmeckles NFT Temple
  8. [NEW] Included new NFT Collaboration with XRLuna to Schmeckles NFT Temple
  9. [NEW] Corrected some coding errors in Schmeckles NFT Temple

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